Work smarter, not harder

With the only business account helping provide financial certainty to the self-employed.

You want freedom and flexibility - that's why you're self-employed

But one of the biggest challenges of being your own boss is managing income throughout the year. Some weeks you may make more, while others you may make less. And it can be hard to understand where you stand until you’re in a bind or bills are due.

That’s where we come in.

Smooth your income

Get paid every week, even during time off, by averaging your pay across busy and slow periods.

Protect against the unexpected

When you earn a bit more, automatically build up savings for a rainy day or time off.

Put money aside for the future

Automatically save extra money for a family holiday, a new car or even just your tax bill.

Trezeo works with all major UK banks

Putting you in the driver's seat​

A Trezeo business account helps you look beyond your next pay cheque. Simply and affordably build a predictable income and start to plan for your financial future.

Calculate your income

We'll help you understand how much you should earn each week to cover your bills.


Setup how much you want sent to your regular bank account as regular pay.


When you make a bit more during a busy period money is set aside into savings.

Fast payment

Direct your income into your Trezeo account and get access to your funds fast.

Securely manage

Your personal details are kept private. We won't share your details with third parties.

Look ahead, plan ahead

As you build up your savings see where you're at and start planning some time off.