Trezeo is the worry-free money account for the self-employed

A Trezeo sole trader business account gives you back control over your self-employed income. Get paid your average when work is slow and when you take time off. Get access to money to cover unexpected expenses. And save more of your money each week, and build a regular, steady pay history.

All for a simple, transparent fee.

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Get paid when work is quiet

No more uncertainty. Get paid a steady, weekly pay cheque, even during time off, by letting us average your pay across busy and slow periods so you always know what you'll bring home.

Access money when you need it

Easily withdraw the money you set aside during busy periods or request an advance when you find yourself in a bind (we've all been there).

Finally, save more money

Automatically save a percentage of your income towards lovely things like time off or to buy a new car, or for necessary things like end of year tax. This is 100% your money and can be withdrawn any time.


Aggregate income

We put all your income sources together and pay you one single pay cheque.


Save a portion of your income. Access and withdraw anytime.

Average Pay

Get paid a regular, steady average pay cheque during busy and slow periods.​

Income Advances

Access money in emergencies before your account hits £0.

Income Top-ups

When you earn a bit less than average, we'll top you up to your average pay.

Link to your bank

Trezeo can send pay cheques to all major UK bank accounts.

All for a fair fee

A Trezeo business account costs just £2 per week (representative 22.9% APR). That’s it. You only re-pay what you borrow. The APR is not an interest charge - it relates to the subscription cost annualised over the year.

You're in good hands

FCA authorised

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to lend money and make payments. You're in good hands.

Bank-level security

Our advanced 256-bit encryption and security rival even the biggest banks. We never access your banking credentials and all of your sensitive data is encrypted.

Your money is yours

Money is held in a segregated payment account under your name. We will never invest, lend or take any risk with it. It's 100% yours.

World-class support

You work flexibly, so we work flexibly. While we hope you never need it, Trezeo customers can contact us via email, phone, face-to-face or social media.

Worry-free finances so you can work smarter, not harder.

Representative example: In financial jargon, the Trezeo fee equates to a representative 22.9% APR. This assumes a credit limit of £500. You may be offered a different credit limit as it depends on your individual circumstances.

Failure to repay or otherwise comply with your credit agreement can negatively impact your credit score.