Independent workers matter

Trezeo membership provides a unique range of financial services and protection for independent workers

Stability Protection Benefits Independent Workers
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"I have been using Trezeo for over a year. Overall the company really does what is promised. Keep your earnings stable and always have your back in case of an accident or holidays providing an insurance for a real affordable price."
Stability Protection Benefits Independent Workers
Delivery driver, London

Comprehensive Safety Net for
Independent Workers

In a world where a large and growing proportion of the workforce doesn’t have the usual safety-net provided through traditional employment, Trezeo delivers inclusive financial services for independent workers to support their lives today and tomorrow.

With Trezeo, independent workers can now access a unique range of financial services and protection products normally available only for full-time employees.

Quick to set-up and managed through a weekly subscription - with the flexibility to cancel at any time - Trezeo Membership is the foundation for financial stability and protection. Members can unlock even greater value with our add-on bundles.

All for a fair price

Trezeo Membership

No more uncertainty

Access a unique range of financial services and protection, giving financial peace of mind and increased financial stability and supporting their future aspirations.

The Wellness Bundle

Health Support You Deserve

Complement your membership with increased protection and a bundle of instant medical advice services at your fingertips (such as access to Video GP, Physiotherapy, Advice)

The SickPay & Cashback Bundle

Make your money go further

All the benefits from standard Membership and the Wellness Bundle, plus comprehensive sickness insurance, self-development courses and retail discounts and cashback.

Trezeo for Businesses

We enable your company to deliver greater value and financial well-being to your flexible workforce, which in turn enables you to attract and retain the best talent, while doing the right thing.


Attract and retain
the best talent

Lead the change

Align strategically with
policymakers' concerns

Boost demand

Happy workforce.
Higher NPS


Gain competitive edge
in a changing landscape

You're in good hands

FCA authorised

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You're in good hands.

Bank-level security

Our advanced 256-bit encryption and security mean we never access your bank details. All of your sensitive data is safe.​

Your money is yours

Your money is safeguarded in an account at the Bank of England. We will never invest, lend or take any risk with it. It's 100% yours.

World-class support

You work flexibly, so do we. While we hope you never need it, Trezeo customers can contact us via email, phone, face-to-face or social media.

Removing the trade-offs between personal freedom and financial freedom