Drive when you want, get paid when you need

Get a regular weekly payment and have money put aside for slow weeks and holidays.

No more overspending. No more worries.

How it works

Trezeo is a business account in your name – controlled by an app – that makes it easy to manage your driving income and build up savings. Your income gets paid into the app and three things happen:

  • Your regular pay cheque goes into your bank account once a week so you have what you need to live and pay your regular bills.
  • Extra income you make is kept safe inside your Trezeo account to help make sure you have money for weeks where you don’t earn enough.
  • Your savings are kept safe inside your Trezeo account.

You can also request an advance on your income to pay an unplanned expense and transfer your savings to your bank account anytime via the app.

Trezeo works with all major UK banks and costs less than a couple of coffees a week

Safe and secure

Your money is yours

Your money is held securely with our FCA authorised partner. We will never invest, lend or take any risk with it.

Bank level security

We use 256-bit encryption for all your personal information and will never share any of your details with third parties - your privacy is important to us!

Stay in control

Track your income and savings anytime through the app.

Work when you want

Never worry about having a slow week when bills come due.

Always have money

Get paid every week, even after holidays.

Build up savings

Keep money out of sight and out of mind, so you’re not tempted to dip into savings.

Still have questions?

How does Trezeo work and do I keep my bank account?

Once you enable Trezeo, your income is paid into your Trezeo account, where we hold back money for your regular income and savings. Your regular income goes straight into your bank account as normal. When you need them, your savings get paid into your bank account too.

How safe is my money?

Your money is held in a special e-money account (so your money never gets lent out, like with a normal bank account). It is held in your name by our partner, an FCA authorised financial institution, and your funds are held at a UK Bank. It remains yours at all times, Trezeo just moves money for you when you need us to.

How much does it cost?

Trezeo charges a small fee of 1% of the income paid into your Trezeo account. You don’t pay any interest or other charges for using your credit limit.
For example, if you earn £500 in a week, it will cost £5. If you take a week off, you pay nothing for that week.

How do you calculate my weekly pay cheque?

When you sign-up, we look at your bank account to calculate your average income. You decide how much of your average income you need every week to live and pay your regular bills and how much you want to save.

What if my income changes?

If your income changes you can let us know through the app and adjust your regular income payment to match. We will also let you know if we think your income is going off track so you can get back on track or adjust your regular payment.

What happens if I want to stop using Trezeo?

We’ll be very sad to see you go! Leaving Trezeo is easy change your income payment back to your normal bank account. Then tell us and we’ll pay any money you’ve saved back there too.

How is managing my money with Trezeo different from my existing bank or savings account?

Trezeo makes it easy for you to get a consistent weekly income payment and save by keeping you motivated to not to spend money that you will need for a quiet week, holiday or future bill.

  1. Your money is kept safe in your Trezeo account, separate from your normal bank account, so you're less tempted to dip into it.
  2. Trezeo charges a predictable subscription fee that you only pay when you’re earning and doesn’t charge you interest or hidden fees like your bank would on on your overdraft, credit card or other loans.
  3. With Trezeo you don’t have to worry about when you earn your income so you can work smarter - work more when the work is there rather than working long hours when business is quiet.

Do I get any interest on savings?

Your money is held in a non-interest bearing account and isn’t lent out, so neither Trezeo, nor your account gets any interest. We believe we can help you manage your money for the things you need to pay for, rather than getting interest on savings you don’t have.