About us

Trezeo was founded in 2016 to help self-employed workers manage their finances. We’ve since evolved to become the only business account that helps self-employed workers look beyond their next pay cheque. 

Looking after independent workers

When you have an employer, they do a lot for you: they pay regular pay cheques, offer paid holidays, pay you when you’re sick, and they even help you save for retirement by paying into a pension. 

But when you’re self-employed, there’s no one to help smooth out your income across busy and slow periods. You don’t get paid when you’re sick. Holidays are a luxury that are hard to plan. And retirement, forget about it. 

That’s where we come in. Trezeo is a business account in your name that makes it easy to manage your self-employment income and build up savings.

Our team

Garrett Cassidy


Flavien Charlon


Sabya Mukherjee

Risk Manager

Alysia Wanczyk

Head of Marketing

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