A bit about Trezeo

The world of work is changing

There is a large, structural shift towards self-employment and gig-based work. In fact, there are almost 5 million self-employed in the UK today, up 25% in the last 10 years.

Self-employed and gig workers aren’t protected

The financial safety net was created by employers in the industrial age. And the financial system that has developed over the last 100 has catered to fit stable, employed income - not the variable, uncertain income of flexible working.

That is, until now

Trezeo has created better banking for the self-employed. We plan to build the financial safety net for the growing number of self-employed. And in a way that works best: simple, affordable and on-the-go.

Stability Protection Benefits Independent Workers

Get Paid

We aim to provide a flexible financial safety net that works for the self-employed. But first, we’re focused on addressing and fixing the top issue reported by the self-employed - unstable, variable income - with our income-smoothing app.

Meet the Team

Garrett Cassidy

CEO and co-founder

Flavien Charlon

CTO and co-founder

Denis Donovan

Non-Executive Chairman

Sabya Mukherjee

Risk Manager

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