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Trezeo enables companies to grow faster and be more sustainable by supporting the independent workers they work with​

Stability Protection Benefits Independent Workers

A digital-age Safety Net

We offer a bundle of employee-like benefits, specifically designed for self-employed and independent workers.

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"What I love about Trezeo is that we can use it to provide a whole raft of support packages, so people on our platform aren't just left on their own."
Jonathan Key
CEO of Labour xchange

Trezeo for Independent Workers

Protected Income

Personal Accident Insurance and Sickness Insurance, up to 26 weeks, anytime, worldwide

Steady Income

Income smoothing and top-ups enable workers to receive the same amount every week

Medical Support

Medical advice services at your workers' fingertips (24h VideoGP, Videotherapy, Medical Admin Support)

Regained Control

Empowerment through consolidated view of disparate income streams and effortless financial management

Affordable Credit

Credit limit enable workers to potentially build or improve their credit score for financing future goals

Lifestyle Savings

Enable workers to earn cash-back and access discounts on everyday spending at selected retailers

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Embedded API Journeys
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