Trezeo Membership

Access a unique range of financial services and protections, giving financial peace of mind and increased financial stability in order to support all of your future aspirations.

All for just £3 per week (representative 36.1% APR). That’s it. You only re-pay what you borrow. The APR is not an interest charge - it relates to the membership cost annualised over the year.




Income Top-ups and ADVANCES

Build Credit SCORE



Income Stabilising Tools

Ease the stress of erratic earnings with Trezeo which enables you to spread and top-up income, save automatically, receive instant payments and income advances anytime

Personal Accident Insurance

Provides financial protection in the event of you not being able to work due to serious injury, disability, or death caused by an accident, 24 hours a day.

Interest Free Credit

Access to a Trezeo credit limit to help you when times are slow and protect you against unexpected expenses, all while building your credit score

Earnings Dashboard

Obtain continuous control through a clear view of your entire business income to effortlessly manage your finances.

24/7 Professional Help Line

Stay informed by accessing 24/7, free-of-charge, 100% confidential Help Line able to offer you, in your language of choice, counselling, legal, personal tax, medical and bereavement advice.

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"Trezeo is safe. You can keep your money there and they're going to have your back. Trezeo helped me to be a little bit more stable and my life has improved a lot since I started using it."
Stability Protection Benefits Independent Workers
Delivery driver, London

All for a fair fee

Trezeo membership costs just £3 per week. That’s it. You only re-pay what you borrow.

The membership fee equates to a representative 36.1% APR, assuming a credit limit of £500.

It is not mandatory to have a credit limit to use the rest of Trezeo services.

Need even more protection?

Representative example: In financial jargon, the Trezeo fee equates to a representative 36.1% APR. This assumes a credit limit of £500. You may be offered a different credit limit as it depends on your individual circumstances. Failure to repay or otherwise comply with your credit agreement can negatively impact your credit score. It is not mandatory to have a credit limit to use the Trezeo services